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Christy Janes
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If you keep up on the news I’m sure by now you’ve read, seen or heard about the fuss over dress codes at some schools in the province.

Recently, at a school in Labrador some female students were sent home due to their clothing violating the school’s dress code policy. They were wearing tank tops and shorts and in some cases a bra strap or two was showing. At first I thought what a bunch of foolishness. It’s summer and a girl can’t wear a tank top and shorts without being condemned for showing too much skin and distracting the male students. I was in a tizzy.

But lately I’ve learned that the nagging voice in my head I try to ignore at any cost — my logic — was telling me to calm down and think about it. I don’t ignore it anymore because it has given me a lot of valuable guidance in the past few months.

Let me explain.

There is a fine line when balancing dress code and common sense. I don’t think teachers or parents expect students to wear turtlenecks and jeans in late June just to cover up. It’s not practical, we dress for the weather, we’re Newfoundlanders. Our warm weather is short lived and we have to take every opportunity to enjoy it. I love wearing shorts and a tank top, but I can’t wear it to work, its not appropriate. I have to follow a dress code. That’s reality.

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