A banner year for tourism in Gander, central N.L.

Published on July 14, 2017

Visitors file into Gander’s North Atlantic Aviation Museum, just one of many draws to the area.

©Josh Healey/The Beacon

Helped along by the colossal success of the hit Broadway musical “Come From Away” and an iceberg bump, Gander’s tourist information centre has reported a 17 per cent increase in visitors versus last year’s numbers.

The centre, which is operated by the Gander and Area Chamber of Commerce, indicated the tourist season started earlier this year, due in large part to the large number of icebergs spotted along the northeast coast.

Kirk White, chairman of the tourism committee, said he’s experienced the increase first-hand as a small antique shop owner.

“These are great numbers, which are also being experienced throughout the whole region,” he said.

“This is sure to be a banner year for all tourism operators in the area, and the province as a whole.”