Honouring volunteers in Birchy Bay

Published on April 13, 2017

Pictured is Pike (left) with Fire Chief Edgar Layte who has 25 years of service under his belt. Look inside for more photos from the celebration.

©Christy Janes/TC Media

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Pictured are members of the volunteer Fire Department (in no particular order) Fire Chief Edgar Layte, Deputy Chief Dave Mercer, Larry Burry, Baxter Burt, Robert Coole, Cordell Freake, Leon Freake, Leslie Freake, Ronnie Freake, Sterling Freake, Mike Langridge, Woodrow Layte, Toby Luscombe, Samuel Pike and Theresa Lewis. Missing from photo were Hughie Lewis, Ivan Freake, Lorne Mews, Melvin Mews, Ted Quinlan, Melinda Mews and Bonnie Quinlan.

Photos by Christy Janes/TC Media

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The Birchy Bay Firettes were honoured at the Volunteer Appreciation Banquet. Pictured are (front, from left) Vanessa Emberly, Karen Steele, Hazel Qunilan, head Firette Tonya Pike; (back) Koren Luscombe, secretary Nichole Mercer, Viola Freake and Una Jenkins. Missing from photo is Tonia Layte.

Photos by Christy Janes/TC Media

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The Birchy Bay Fall Fair, sports and recreation and Christmas events wouldn’t be possible without community volunteers. Pictured (in no particular order) are the people who make these events and activities happen — Patsy Layte, Roxanne Canning, Marjorie Pike, Bernice Burt, Obie Layte, Lorraine Layte, Marie Mews, Koren Luscombe, Hazel Quinlan, Viola Freake, Nichole Mercer, Vanessa Emberly, Una Jenkins, Karen Steele, Tonya Pike, Annie Pike, Louise Pike and Edgar Layte. Missing from photo were Cindy Baker, Sandra Cave, Verbena Quinlan, Dulcie Randell, Ruby Canning, Holly Farr, Kelly Quinlan and Tonia Layte. Annie, Louise and Verbina were also recognized for their work with the local library. Tonia Pike, Mayor Dave Carter and Deputy Mayor Toby Luscombe were honoured for their work with council.

Photos by Christy Janes/TC Media

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Volunteers (from left) Edgar Layte, Pauline Canning, Allan Jennings and Jean Mews give of their time to ensure the Birchy Bay Museum is up and running each season.

Photos by Christy Janes/TC Media

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Patsy Layte (left) accompanied by Obie Layte on guitar sang the song “Music and Friends” during the Birchy Bay Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.

Photos by Christy Janes/TC Media

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Husband and wife duo, Obie and Lorraine Layte sang a song to recognize the firefighters in attendance called “My Lighthouse.”

Photos by Christy Janes/TC Media

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The evening ended with laughter as volunteers put together a skit about two Albertans from the oil patch interviewing Newfoundlanders for jobs out west. Pictured (from left) Obie Layte, Patsy Layte, Sterling Freake, Hazel Quinlan, Tonya Pike and Mike Langridge.

Photos by Christy Janes/TC Media

On April 8 volunteers from the community of Birchy Bay were the guests of honour at the Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.

Residents such as Samuel Pike who has spent 40 years volunteering with the Birchy Bay Fire Department were presented with tokens of appreciation.