Lucky Fortune woman cuts the ace of spades for a second time

Published on April 7, 2017

Donna Foote (left) of Fortune won the Chase the Ace event in Lord's Cove on Sunday.

©Tracey Edwards (Facebook)

You better hope Donna Foote doesn’t show up at the Chase the Ace event in your town!

Donna Foote also cut the ace for the Fortune ATV Association's fundraiser last May.
Fortune ATV Association (Facebook)

The Fortune woman cut the ace of spades at the Chase the Ace fundraiser in Lord’s Cove on Sunday, collecting a cool $7,200.
It wasn’t the first time Foote accomplished the feat, however.
Last May, she won nearly $11,000 for selecting the card during the Fortune ATV Association’s Chase the Ace event.
How lucky can you get?