Vendors willing to pay the price for Mussel Bed Soiree

Town issues two separate permits    

Published on August 9, 2017

Marilyn Snow, owner of The Grub Truck, will be one of the vendors at this weekend’s Mussel Bed Soiree. However, like the other vendors in attendance, Snow had to pay for a second permit to serve at the Soiree.

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LEWISPORTE, NL — With the 31st annual Mussel Bed Soiree approaching, residents and vendors alike are preparing for a weekend of music, games and food.

For vendors, the ability to serve food to the masses comes with a price tag.

Brian Sceviour, Lewisporte’s mayor, explains vendors must purchase a vendor permit for the Soiree. The permits can be for a single day or the entirety of the festival, but each comes at a price.

“The Soiree committee, for those three or four days, basically has priority at the venues,” said Sceviour.

This special Soiree fee is in addition to the year-long vendors permit that businesses must purchase to sell food in town.

Sceivour said these permits are good for the whole year — except for the Mussel Bed Soiree.


Breaking down the costs

The cost of the extra permit ranges, depending on which days the vendor plans to serve and what they want to supply.

According to the Town of Lewisporte permit application, these are the prices per day and service:

                        Hot dog vendor                       Chip van                     Other

Friday             $100                                        $100                            $100

Saturday          $300                                        $450                            $300-500

Sunday            $125                                        $125                            $125


At the most expensive end of the scale, it could cost a vendor $725 for the space to sell product over the length of the festival.

Marilyn Snow, owner of The Grub Truck, is one of the businesses planning to supply food over the course of the weekend. Her van specializes in takeout food such as hamburgers and hot dogs.

She said her yearly vendor permit is around $225, without the addition of the permit required for the Soiree. She says that will cost her more for a weekend than she pays all year.

When asked if it would be hard to break even, Snow said a number of factors play a role.

“It depends on your location and what you contribute,” she said.

The Soiree is expected to be fairly busy over the weekend.


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