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Let me explain

How many people like Facebook quizzes?

Parents are happier than kids because they don’t have to pack lunches for awhile.

The next two months will, hopefully, be filled with fun and sun for both parents and children.

But there’s a lot more that happens in the summer than campfires and flybites.

Let me explain.

Adults see it as a time to cram two months of family time into two weeks of vacation time.

Children see it as a time to shake off 10 months worth of school work, worrying about exams, peer pressure, bullying and all the other things that make days seem long and monotonous.

They take pleasure in the little things like cold lemonade, Popsicles and kiddie pools while we spend time deciding where to go to have the most fun.

Yet some of the best days my kids and I have had consisted of the water hose, water balloons and water guns.

We have skipped the vegetables for supper and had S’mores late at night by the campfire and caught up on our sleep the next morning.

It’s funny how kids are so excited to grow up while adults have the most fun acting like kids again.

This summer is the perfect time to be a kid again. Hang on a little tighter to your youth and take one more dip in the kiddie pool.


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