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Health-care will cost family of four almost $12,000 in 2015: study

Canadians may think health care is free in this country, but we pay a substantial amount of money for health care through taxes, points out a new study from the Fraser Institute.

The study says the average Canadian family with two parents and two children earning $119,082 will pay $11,735 for public health care insurance in 2015. A single individual earning $42,244 can expect to pay $4,222.

It also tracks the cost of health care insurance over time: Between 2005 and 2015, the cost of health care for the average Canadian family (all family types) increased by 48.5 per cent, dwarfing increases in income (30.8 per cent), shelter (35.9 per cent) and food (18.2 per cent).

“Over the past decade, the cost of health care in Canada has grown 1.6 times faster than average income,” said Bacchus Barua, study co-author and senior economist in the Fraser Institute's Centre for Health Policy Studies

“The real cost of public health care insurance for different family compositions should be a fundamental component of any debate about health care in Canada. Once Canadians know how much they actually pay for health care through taxes, they will be in a better position to decide if the system delivers good value for their money.”

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