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New restrictions on recreational drone use in Canada

Transport Canada has introduced new safety rules effective immediately to protect Canadians from people who use drones irresponsibly.

The federal government announced new safety rules for recreational drone use today.

Recreational operators must now mark their drones with their contact information.

As well, flight restrictions have been put in place.

Drones cannot be flown higher than 90 metres or at night. They may not fly within 75 metres of buildings, vehicles or people. They must also stay nine kilometres away from the centre of any airport, heliport, aerodrome or water aerodrome where aircraft take off and land.

Operators of drones for commercial, academic or research purposes are not affected by the new rules, which impact model aircraft and recreational drones that weigh between 250 grams and 35 kilograms.

The number of incidents involving recreational drones has more than tripled since 2014.

Users are responsible for learning how to fly their drone safely and legally and to comply with the new rules.  Those who break the new flying restrictions and conditions could be fined up to $3,000.

The new safety rules will be in effect for a period up to one year until permanent regulations are put in place. 

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