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Social media laughs along with N.L. woman’s ice moves

Joan Marsh recently spent a night at the cabin with good friends Sandra Durdle and Eliza Mouland Swyers.

The Bonavista resident couldn’t have foresaw the trip would result in a video that has a whole lot of people laughing along with them on Facebook.

Joan said, as they were getting ready to go home, there was a lot of ice on the path to where the car was parked.

She was wearing a pair of long boots and was able to walk through the snow.

Sandra, afraid of falling, took another approach.

“She decided she was gonna do it her own way and slide down to the car on a garbage bag full of bedclothes,” Joan said in a message to TC Media explaining the video.

“As you can see it didn't work.”

The video has been shared nearly 5,500 times and has almost 400,000 views since it was posted earlier this week. Nice try, Sandra!

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