76ers All-Star Joel Embiid says he has Bell's argument

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia 76ers All-Star center Joel Embiid is suffering from Bell's rheumatism, which he says has been affecting him since before the play-in contest.

Embiid followed him on stage wearing sunglasses Scored 50 points The Sixers beat the New York Knicks in Game 3 and said he had various symptoms, including blurred vision and dry eyes.

Embiid said he first suffered the concussion “a day or two” before the Sixers played the Miami Heat on April 17 in a play-in contest. Embiid had 23 points and 15 rebounds in the win that sent the Sixers to the playoffs.

Embiid complained of migraines but “thought it was nothing” before telling doctors he wasn't feeling well.

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“My body was fine, I didn't feel it,” Embiid said. “Yes, it's very annoying. The left side of my face, my mouth and my eye. It was difficult. But I'm not a quitter. I'll keep fighting for anything. It's unfortunate, I see it that way. But that's not an excuse. I have to keep pushing.

Last season's NBA MVP, Embiid was 13 of 19 from the floor, 19 of 21 free throws and hit five 3-pointers in Game 3.

The Knicks lead the series 2-1 and Game 4 is Sunday in Philadelphia.

Embiid wore sunglasses throughout the series and conducted his Game 2 postgame interview with his head bowed in front of his locker to hide his symptoms.

Embiid said he doesn't have a timetable on how long Bell's recovery from rheumatism will take.

“It didn't really get better,” he said. “From the conversations I've had, it could be weeks, it could be months. I hope it stays this way. I have a beautiful face. I don't like my mouth looking the other way. It's an unfortunate situation but everything happens for a reason.

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