Apple’s key note on iOS 18, AI, iPadOS, Mac software and more

Apple’s much-anticipated WWDC keynote is finally here. In 2024, expect the Worldwide Developers Conference to deliver the usual annual updates to Apple’s platforms — iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and more — as well as the Vision Pro headset software that was introduced at WWDC 2023 and went on sale a few months earlier. But this year, all eyes will be on how the tech giant will up its game on the AI ​​front (which can obviously be branded as Apple Intelligence). In addition to AI-driven updates across the company’s ecosystem, we hear Apple may be readying a brand new… calculator app. We’ll have details when the keynote begins today at 10am PT / 1pm ET. I’m already on site with my colleague Devindra Hardawar, and we’re gearing up to bring you all the news and the most important insights, like how Apple Snacks compares to Microsoft and Google’s events. Also, what do you think the new macOS will be named? Stay tuned for current live updates.

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  • Federighi wants to extend your iPhone’s privacy into the cloud to “unlock even more intelligence for you,” so the company is announcing Private Cloud Computing. This will allow you to leverage server power for more advanced processing while maintaining your iPhone’s privacy and security.

  • One of the displayed Apple Intelligence images.One of the displayed Apple Intelligence images.

    One of the displayed Apple Intelligence images. (apple)

  • It looks at your app to find relevant data and gives it to other apps to help you better. However, more often than not, you will need more power for more intensive tasks. Servers can help, but they often come with privacy concerns and you can’t verify its security.

  • The Apple Silicon and M family of chips throughout the A17 Pro deliver exceptional large language and diffusion models for your everyday tasks.

  • Apple Intelligence offers three different formats for generating images.Apple Intelligence offers three different formats for generating images.

    Apple Intelligence offers three different formats for generating images. (apple)

  • Apple Intelligence is actually another example of Apple looking at emerging technology and trying to make it a little more intelligent. Of course, Apple saw the problems Microsoft and Google would face immediately upon announcing the AI ​​products they were developing.

  • However, Federighi says, you don’t have to hand over your data to warehouse and analysis. Apple Intelligence, like many of the company’s products, is built with privacy at its core. On-device processing powers Apple Intelligence. It will learn about your personal data without collecting your personal data, he said.

  • Apple Intelligence can retrieve data “based on your personal information and context,” for example, in apps like your calendar or on your screen. If your appointment is rescheduled for later that day, you’re wondering if you’ll be able to make it to your daughter’s game on time. Apple’s intelligence will help you determine the time of play, traffic patterns and GPS information at that time.

  • Apple outlines how its new AI tools will help write in many of its apps.Apple outlines how its new AI tools will help write in many of its apps.

    Apple outlines how its new AI tools will help write in many of its apps. (apple)

  • Apple Intelligence can take action across your apps. It’s designed to tap into existing tools to perform tasks on your behalf. You can say “Show me all the pictures of Mom, Olivia and me” or play specific podcasts based on when you last played them.

  • Images can be created in three forms: sketch, illustration and animation. It’s built into system-wide apps like Notes, Freeform, and Pages.

  • This is Apple's take on AI.This is Apple's take on AI.

    This is Apple’s take on AI. (apple)

  • These tools can be used in Mail, Notes, Safari, Pages, Keynote, and third-party apps. There will also be support for images and emojis. You can create new images to “make everyday conversations more interesting.” For example, if you want to wish your friend a happy birthday, you can create an image surrounded by cake.

  • We’re taking a closer look at Apple Intelligence features, how it works, and finally how it will work in everyday experiences. Apple Intelligence works with iPhone, iPad and Mac. It understands your personal context, starting with language and text. Language models in Apple Intelligence let you read things like your notifications and help you prioritize what’s important and minimize distractions. New writing tools are system-wide to rewrite, check, and summarize text for you.

  • Federici is back and says it’s a moment the company has been working towards for a long time. Today’s tools know “very little about you or your needs.” With iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia, it will be different. Apple Intelligence collects your personal information to provide experiences on these sites.

  • “Of course, it has to be built with privacy from the ground up.” And “it’s beyond artificial intelligence,” Cook said. “This is Apple’s next big step.” Cue a new video where the neurons are animated and ends with the words Apple Intelligence. Cook says it’s a new personal intelligence system to make your personal products more enjoyable.

  • “We want to make sure the outcome reflects the principles at the heart of our products,” Cook added of his AI push. “It has to be powerful, intuitive and deeply integrated. Most importantly, it has to understand you.” he said.

  • watchOS 11 includes a new Vitals app to view all your important health metrics

    WWDC watchOS updatesWWDC watchOS updates


    A new app for Apple Watch will help you get a better overall view of your health and fitness levels. The new Vitals app integrates details from your health and fitness data. During its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote on Monday, Apple announced new features coming to WatchOS 11.

    Read the full story here.

  • “Only one more hour!” Someone said behind me. oh god “We’ve been using artificial intelligence and machine learning for years,” Cook said.

  • Developer betas are available today, public betas next month and final releases this fall as usual.

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