10:17 am ET, January 16, 2024

Trump's attorney spoke to the judge about adjourning the hearing on Thursday

From CNN's Lauren del Valle, Kara Scannell and Jeremy Herb

Donald Trump's lawyer, Alina Hubba, attacked Judge Louis Kaplan at the start of Tuesday's hearing after Trump repeated some of the arguments he had ruled on earlier in the week regarding Trump's appearance later in the week.

“It's not the beginning of the argument when the verdict is rendered,” Kaplan said at one point — a nod to the lengthy arguments allowed by Judge Arthur Engoron in Trump's recent New York civil fraud trial.

Hubba asked the judge for an adjournment Thursday so Trump would not have to decide whether to appear at the hearing or his court appearance. Mother-in-law funeral.

“I request you, sir, now to adjourn this trial for one day” Thursday “to allow my client to be there so that he can appear every day of this trial as he has the right,” Hubba said.

“I'm not stopping him from being there,” Kaplan said.

“No, you prevent him from coming here, your honor,” replied Hubba.

“The argument is over,” Kaplan said, refusing to change his earlier verdict.

Kaplan said Hubba had previously asked in his letter for a week-long adjournment to begin the hearing next Monday. She asked for an adjournment today, Thursday only. Caplan reiterated his written ruling that Trump could only delay his testimony until next Monday.

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