Florida Police Ocala Mall Shooting;  Ask the public for help in locating the suspect

Albert J., who allegedly shot and killed a man at a mall in the central Florida city of Ocala. Florida police issued an arrest warrant for Schell Jr. on Sunday.

Schell is wanted on charges of premeditated first-degree murder and attempted premeditated first-degree murder, Ocala police said. The department offers a $5,000 reward For information leading to an arrest.

The suspect fled the scene on foot and left the gun behind, Ocala Police Chief Mike Falcon said during a press conference.

The shooting took place in a “common area”. Paddock Mall Saturday at 3:40 p.m. local time, Falcon said. A man, identified as 40-year-old David Nathaniel Barron, was killed and a woman suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

Investigators said they believe Barron was targeted.

Ocala Mall shooting suspect Albert J. Police issued an arrest warrant for Schell Jr.

Ocala Police

Police said several others inside the mall were injured during the shooting. One suffered chest pain and another suffered a broken arm.

The shooter was wearing a red cap, police said. Sunday afternoon, officials said someone He took the hat From the scene.

“That hat may contain valuable DNA evidence and we need it back,” Ocala police said. “We urge you to do the right thing and come forward immediately. Time is of the essence.”

If the hat is not returned quickly, police will release a picture of the person who took it, the Ocala Police Department said. They said whoever took the hat would be arrested on charges of tampering with evidence.

Ocala is located about 80 miles northwest of Orlando.

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