Google's latest Pixel phone update adds new AI tools and a working thermometer

Google is rolling out its first update of 2024 for Pixel phones and it brings new health features and AI tools. Perhaps the most interesting new doodad is an actual working thermometer, which is only available for the recently released Pixel 8 Pro. We know this feature will come at some point, as the phone will most likely have a temperature sensor and, of course, a thermometer.

If you have a real fever, your headache is enough to scan your forehead from staring at the screen for too long. You can transfer these results to your Fitbit profile and integrate them with other health metrics.

The company is offering a tutorial on pairing that Tensor G3 chip with a new AI-powered circuit. It works exactly as advertised. You draw a circle on your phone's screen, and the AI ​​searches for the image, text, or anything else you've highlighted. This will be very useful in future episodes of spy and detective shows.

This is the first AI-proximity feature added with the new update. As you might imagine, there is something called Photomoji. It turns your favorite photos into emojis or reactions. Magic Compose is like the Magic Editor tool, but for text. “Stylish, contextualized crafting of suggested answers to your messages,” says Google.

Finally, there is The recently teased Quick Share icon It displays a list of nearby devices that you can share content with. Google is actually working to add this feature to Windows PCs.

Two mint colored Pixel 8 phones.


Along with this new update, Google is rolling out a mint green color for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. They are so beautiful and I love to eat them. The new feature starts dropping today.

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