Democratic lawmakers have called for Rep. Jorge Santos to resign from the House seat he won in November, after the Long Island Republican admitted it was “resume embellishment” — putting pressure on GOP leadership to respond.

“GOP Congressman George Santos, Now Admitting His Blatant Lies, Must Resign” He tweeted that Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) is calling on Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to vote to expel Santos if he doesn’t.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Tex.) said if Santos took his new seat, it would set the stage for others to falsify their credentials and seek public office. He defrauded the voters of Long Island with his entire application.

McCarthy (R-Calif.) has yet to respond to allegations that Santos misled voters about key details of his biography, which were first reported in the New York Times. story Last week.

Now Santos has apologized “if I may have misled anyone with the resume embellishment” — and admitted publicly on Monday. Graduated from college or worked in some of the companies listed in his biography – There are questions about what action a leader with a majority in Parliament will take. Santos’ victory helped the Republican Party secure a narrow majority in the next term.

Representative-elect George Santos admits to ‘resume embellishment’ but offers little answer on finances

Democrats have called for a House ethics investigation From the Times report, the New York Attorney General’s Office has said It “looks at a number of issues” surrounding Santos.

The representative-elect has remained negative about his future: “I’ll run. I’ll run,” he said in an interview with New York’s WABC radio.

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In his admission Monday night, Santos sought to explain away his claims, saying “a lot of people exaggerate on their resumes” and that he downplayed the impact of his actions. He briefly addressed how his wealth has soared in recent years, allowing him to loan hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaign.

Santhosh said City and State NY After working different jobs, he started his own company, “It worked because I had connections and I started making a lot of money. I basically started building wealth.

“I decided to invest in my race for Congress,” he added. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

The Times reported He raised questions about whether Santos had fabricated much of his biography, and said Santos had worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. Spokespeople for both companies confirmed to The Washington Post that they had no record of his employment. Santos said in a radio interview Monday that the language on his résumé indicated that he “worked, not ‘on’ or ‘at’ or ‘in.’

He said he’s learned a lesson — but that doesn’t mean “I’m some fictional character.”

Democrats are calling for an investigation into the biography of the GOP congressman

Santos added Interview Contrary to his biography in the New York Post, which said he was a Baruch College graduate, he did not graduate from “any institution of higher learning.”

“We’ve seen people cheating on their application, but it’s a total myth,” Castro tweeted, arguing that the congressman-elect should be “investigated by the authorities.”

Michael Granish, Azi Pipera and Hannah Knowles contributed to this report.

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