Are you ready to embrace summer?

I am with open arms. Because I’m more than ready to enjoy meals at the grill, outdoor company, lots of sunshine, and summer movies.

Always summer movies.

Which, of course, brings us to this week’s newsletter (with a certain aquatic princess).

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Halle Bailey attends the American Music Awards in Los Angeles in November 2021.

No one is going to have a summer like Halle Bailey.

That’s because she’s starring in one of the most eagerly awaited films of the minute — the live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid.”

I have given my opinion about Racism surrounding this film and will focus instead The joy of his performance. Just one listen to Bailey’s version of “Part of Your World” from the film’s soundtrack tells you she was born to play the part.

In 2015, she and her sister Chloe were signed to Beyonce’s management company Parkwood Entertainment after the singer discovered one of her hit songs on YouTube.

Nothing stamps you like being paired with a ghost. Now Bailey has another big celebrity to support her – Oprah Winfrey.

Bailey next stars as young Nettie in Winfrey and Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation. Broadway musical version of “The Color Purple.” It is slated to hit theaters on Christmas Day.

Bailey is going to be not only the girl of the summer, but the Christmas season as well.

Hollywood, throw all the instruments his way. We are ready for it and so is she.

Job Buendtijk/Warner Bros.

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Margot Robbie as Barbie.

Remember when summer meant blockbusters?

Blockbuster movies are released year-round now, but I remember hot days giving way to cool air conditioning in movie theaters to see hits like “Jaws,” “Die Hard,” “Men in Black” and the original “Star Wars.” (Shout out to my mom and late dad for taking me to see it one last time when I was a little girl).

Streaming has changed the movie game, but we still have this list for you this season “Summer movies that want to recapture that blockbuster movie magic you remember.”

From Walt Disney Studios/YouTube

A still from the trailer for “The Little Mermaid” (2023).

Back to the mermaids, recommending “The Little Mermaid” soundtrack for the remake is right.

Read back above to see all the glory of Bailey’s singing voice. Come For Her, costars Melissa McCarthy’s “Poor Unfortunate Souls” and David Dix’s “Under the Sea.”

Special mention to Awkwafina leaning into his rap roots for his performance of “The Scuttlebutt” with Diggs.

Even without “Les Poisons” from the original animated classic, the entire album is a good time.

Disney Plus

Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan “American Born Chinese.”

Adaptations feel like this week’s theme, so here’s another one.

“American Born Chinese” is based on Jean Luen Yang’s award-winning graphic novel of the same name.

The action comedy series centers on an Asian American teenager who becomes involved with certain gods from Chinese mythology. Talk about representation (young Jin Wang – played by actor Ben Wang – really wants to assimilate).

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Oscar winning actress Michael Yow Even stars, it’s a joy to watch her in anything she does. Add in his costars Ke Huy Quan and Stephanie Hsu from the Oscar-winning “Everything Everywhere All At Ones,” and you’ve got the summer series you deserve.

“American Born Chinese” is streaming on Disney+.

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