Harrison Ford says he has no plans to retire at 80

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Harrison Ford

Yes, I am 80…

But not retired!!!

Harrison Ford Might be 80 years old, but the guy isn’t ready to hang it up in Hollywood just yet … in fact, it looks like he’ll continue acting as long as possible.

The legendary actor was cutting it Chris Wallace On an upcoming episode of his show, The CW asked him straight up … any thoughts on retirement??? Obviously, the question is being raised because of Harrison’s age — but look at his initial reaction … he’s kidding!

“You can’t play a hero. You have to play your audience.”

Actor Harrison Ford has insisted that he does not play “heroes” in his films https://t.co/dFMKo54G9H pic.twitter.com/CVnZwVOcOk

— CNN (@CNN) June 24, 2023

HF follows that up with an interesting point — namely, he says he’s not doing well doing nothing, like working professionally on a film/TV set. The reason he gives is that he likes to feel useful. Not only that, but he apparently gets a thrill out of … helping and serving. He seems to say … as long as he can, he will continue.

Harrison explains what he loves about products in general — and, for him, the feeling of bringing something to life with a common goal. What’s more, he says he doesn’t really plan how he’ll react to the scenes … and just lets it play out naturally.

There’s another clip from this interview that’s also making the rounds — the one about Harrison emphasizing how he doesn’t play “heroes.” It’s really interesting to hear him talk about it … he’s very emotional.

FWIW, he’s actually going to be playing a superhero in some upcoming Marvel project… the dude is set to portray Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, who eventually becomes the Red Hulk.

Either way…we’ll be seeing a lot more of Harrison in the years to come. It seems his game is to keep it up until he can’t do it anymore — the man’s got it now!

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