James Webb Space Telescope images of Uranus show giant rings on the ice giant

The James Webb Space Telescope recently captured a picture of Uranus, detailing the ice giant’s ring structure, its bright moons, and its vibrant atmosphere.

Observation, made on February 6, It comes on the heels of a similar photo captured by powerful telescopes of Neptune, another ice giant in the solar system.

According to a news release by NASAA new photo of Uranus “contains dramatic rings and bright features in the planet’s atmosphere.”

“The Web data demonstrate the observatory’s unprecedented sensitivity to faint dusty rings, which have been imaged by only two other facilities: the Voyager 2 spacecraft when it passed the planet in 1986, and the Keck Observatory with advanced adaptive optics,” NASA wrote in a Thursday release.

“Uranus has never looked better,” NASA’s Web Telescope said tweeted from its social media Account Thursday.

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