Maui wildfires: Nearly 400 people unaccounted for on Maui after deadly wildfires, FBI-managed list shows — big drop from earlier estimates


Almost 400 people are still listed as unaccounted for after this month’s devastating wildfires on Maui – a dramatic drop from the more than 1,000 people previously believed to be missing, but a stark indicator of the disaster’s tragic impact.

A “verified list” administered by the FBI contained 388 names as of Thursday Press release Maui County officials said. At least 115 people have been confirmed dead Deadly Wildfires have been the most devastating in the United States for more than 100 years.

Officials said the updated list of missing persons was released in the hopes of confirming anyone who was not actually still missing.

“We are releasing this list of names today because we know it will help the investigation,” Police Chief John Pelletier said in the release. “We also know that once those names come out, it will hurt and hurt everyone whose loved ones are listed. It’s not an easy task, but we want to make sure we do everything we can to make this investigation as thorough and thorough as possible.

Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said Thursday that the FBI, along with other agencies, is “engaging in the reinvestigation of missing persons.” Social media post. About 800 to 1,200 people are listed as unaccounted for since the fire, he said.

A search for the missing began shortly after wind-blown flames spread across the island on August 8. Much of Lahaina’s West Maui community — once a vibrant economic and cultural center — was left in ruins, with entire neighborhoods and businesses decimated. Have ash. Flames overtook the city forcing some residents to jump into the sea to survive.

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Search crews and cadaver dogs searched 100% of the single-story homes in the disaster area in Maui County. Officials said tuesday They now pass through multi-storey houses and commercial properties.

An FBI team specializing in using cell phone data has been launched in Maui to help identify victims of the fire, a law enforcement source told CNN. The official said the Cellular Analysis Investigation Team is working with local law enforcement on the island.

The team can obtain and analyze cell phone company subscriber records and cellular tower log data, which can be useful for search efforts by locating the last known area where a victim’s cell phone was operating.

The group has in the past used information obtained through court orders to assist in terrorism, trafficking and criminal investigations.

“Cellular phone analysis” is one of the sources provided by the bureau, Steven Merrill, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Hawaii, said during a news conference on Tuesday, without giving details.

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