Michael Mosley: CCTV appears to show the TV presenter after leaving the beach

image source, Live News / Mega TV

image caption, CCTV footage shows Michael Moseley on Peddie’s main street

New CCTV images show missing TV presenter Michael Mosley less than half an hour after he left for a beach walk.

The footage suggests he ended up walking to the nearby village of Pedi after leaving the beach of Agios Nikolaos while on holiday on the Greek island of Symi.

The host is known for her TV shows and her Just One Thing podcast BBC Radio 4 was reported to have left Beach at 13:30 local time on Wednesday (11:30 BST).

About 20 minutes later, CCTV footage shows the broadcaster holding an umbrella on the village’s main street.

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A search and rescue operation involving divers, helicopters and drones continued on Friday.

image caption, A photo of Dr. Mosley on vacation in Simi was shared on a local Facebook group on Wednesday

Authorities are ruling out the possibility that Dr Mosley was harmed while walking between the beach and Paddy.

The search and rescue operation was focused on the rocky coastal path between the beach and Peddy where Dr Moseley is believed to have taken it earlier.

At 13:50 the BBC saw a second piece of CCTV footage from a nearby compound showing a man wearing the same clothes and carrying the same umbrella that had been branded.

A woman said she saw Dr Mosley in Bedi on Wednesday, the island’s deputy mayor Ilias Chaskas told BBC News.

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Dr Saskas, who took part in the search, said they had “looked everywhere” and that divers, assisted by the Hellenic Coast Guard, were “watching the water”.

Simi’s coastguard said all patrol boats, private boats and commercial boats near the island were searching for Dr Mosley.

image source, Live News / Mega TV

image caption, New CCTV footage suggests Dr Mosley did not harm the coastal path

The search team currently consists of 25 police officers, divers, volunteers and firefighters.

Greek police said Dr Mosley left his wife Claire on the beach before hiking to the center of the island on Wednesday.

His phone was found where he was staying with his wife, who reported him missing, a police spokesman told BBC News.

Dr Mosley’s brother Arthur told The Telegraph on Friday that his three grown-up sons and a daughter had flown to the island to join the search.

He said: “We are very shocked and bewildered by what has happened to him.”

Authorities on the island were unable to locate Dr. Moseley and requested assistance from the Greek Fire Department in Athens. Firefighters from nearby Rhodes arrived in Simi at 14:00 on Thursday.

video title, A helicopter assisting in the search was filmed flying over Simi

An appeal was posted on a local Facebook group on Wednesday, along with a picture of Dr Mosley wearing a blue hat, polo shirt and shorts, to report him missing.

“Did you see him? He turned and started walking [Agios Nikolaos beach] Couldn’t go home at around 13:30,” it said.

Wednesday was the hottest on the island, with the National Observatory in Athens reporting temperatures of over 40C at 15:00.

Symi is part of the Dodecanese island group of Greece and is located about 12 miles (19km) northwest of Rhodes. It had a population of approximately 2,600 at the 2021 census.

Most of its beaches are remote and people are advised to visit them by boat.

image caption, The locals could not understand the disappearance of Maria and Antonis

Father and daughter Antonis and Maria, who have lived in Simi all their lives, are shocked and confused by his passing.

“It’s crazy,” Antonis told BBC News.

“The space is too small. A small child cannot get lost here. How does a man get lost?”

A yellow high temperature warning has been issued across Simi Island, with temperatures forecast to reach around 37C on Friday..

A combination of harsh weather and rugged terrain will make the search for Dr. Moseley even more challenging.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are supporting the family of a British man who has gone missing in Greece and are in contact with the local authorities.”

Before moving into TV, Dr Mosley studied medicine in London and qualified as a doctor, but has spent the past two decades working as a presenter, documentary maker, journalist and teacher.

He writes a column for the Daily Mail and his television appearances include the Channel 4 show Michael Mosley: Who Made Britain Fat?

Dr. Mosley has been an advocate for intermittent fasting diets, including the 5:2 Diet and The Fast 800 Diet.

He has four children with his wife, Clare Bailey Moseley, who is also a physician, author and healthy living advocate.

The pair recently appeared at the Hay Festival, where Dr Moseley presented a special edition of BBC Radio 4’s Just One Thing.

Reacting to the “shocking news”, her colleague Trust Me, I’m A Doctor co-star Dr Saleha Ahsan said, “I pray that he is found safe” and that he is “sick with worry”.

On Thursday’s edition of The One Show, host Alex Jones opened the show by expressing concern that “our friend” had gone missing.

“Our thoughts are with his wife Clare and his family at this very worrying time. We look forward to more positive news,” he added.

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