Oregon man wanted for allegedly torturing woman killed 2, police say

Then, while conducting door-to-door welfare checks in the area earlier this week, officials found Mr. Griffith and Mr. Baron’s bodies were found. Their deaths have been ruled homicides, with authorities saying they believe the men died of “blunt force trauma” sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. According to authorities, several items were missing from the home, including a dog.

“We have no suspicions regarding the deaths of Mr. Baron and Mr. Griffith,” Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniels said at a news conference. “We believe they are associated with Benjamin Foster at this time.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Foster drove back to the woman’s home in Grands Pass where he abused her, authorities said, and eventually ended up in a standoff with police officers.

Mr. The case involving Foster was described by officials in Grands Pass, a small town of about 39,000 people in southern Oregon where homes are surrounded by woods, as one of the most disturbing they had ever seen. And to target victims or compel someone to evade capture, Mr. This caused particular concern after authorities said Foster may have used a dating app. Authorities later clarified, saying they did not believe he used the apps to actively recruit or manipulate anyone.

Last week in the woods Mr. Investigators used police dogs to search for Foster, and Lt. Jeff Hattersley of the Grands Pass Police Department said in an interview Friday that officers have thoroughly looked into every tip or lead to his whereabouts.

Jan. On the 26th, in Wolf Creek, an unincorporated community in Josephine County, Mr. Officers located Foster’s car. Later that evening, the police also arrested Tina Marie Jones, who was accused of murdering Mr. Investigators believe Foster hid and helped evade authorities. He was charged with two counts of hindering prosecution, Lt. Hattersley said.

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Worried that she had not heard from her for several hours, the victim’s friend walked into her home on January 24 and asked Mr. Lt. Hattersley said in the interview that Foster “interrupted” the torture he was administering.

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