Viberate for Artists emerges as the newest all-in-one platform tailored for independent musicians, offering a fusion of music distribution, promotion, and in-depth analytics, bridging the gap between artists and their global audience. Its suite of features addresses the essentials, from a free page for musicians to Spotify playlist promotion, and beyond.

Viberate, a leading music data firm with a history of innovation, is no stranger to offering top-tier music analytics to industry stakeholders. Recognizing the ever-evolving demands of the music world, they’ve recently broadened their scope to provide artists with a slew of data-driven tools. While some features are entirely free, the comprehensive suite comes at a mere $39 annually – a steal for the value provided.

If you’re an artist or an aspiring talent, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what’s in store:

Free Website for Musicians: 

Holding the title of the world’s largest crowdsourced artist database, Viberate ensures every artist page undergoes a thorough verification by their expert curators. Consequently, they can generate a uniquely tailored artist website that captures:

  • Genre and base country
  • Top tracks and iconic music videos
  • Upcoming events and concerts
  • Audience demographics and preferences

Artists have the autonomy to claim these sites, adding their own personal touches, contact, and booking functionalities. What sets Viberate’s free web page for musicians apart? Their sleek design, automatic updates, and readiness for instant sharing on various platforms.

Dive Deep with Spotify for Artists Analytics: 

Artists can seamlessly integrate their Spotify accounts with Viberate. This allows them to:

  • Track their Spotify listeners, streams, and followers in real-time.
  • Analyze audience gender, age, and preferences.
  • Locate cities and countries where their fanbase thrives.
  • Monitor growth trends across various geographies and demographics.
  • Evaluate playlist performance and reception.
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Such playlist metrics empower artists to identify their standout tracks, understand their audience, and observe their progress over time. Gaining insights into which playlists generated the most traction becomes invaluable for strategizing promotions and targeting the right listeners.

Comprehensive Music Distribution: 

Before any promotion can kick off, the initial music release is paramount. Viberate for Artists covers this crucial step, facilitating unlimited digital music launches across major streaming platforms, ensuring artists reach the widest audience possible.

Spotify Playlist Pitching: 

Post-release, artists can amplify their tracks using the Spotify playlist pitching tool. It grants access to a colossal Spotify playlist chart, categorizing over 12M playlists by their popularity. Artists can:

  • Handpick playlists aligning with their unique music style.
  • Filter by genre, subgenre, playlist type, song release date, and popularity.
  • Engage directly with certain playlist curators or via external links.

For context, artists hunting for indie curator playlists spotlighting House music can find 83 of them, each boasting significant followers and a fresh repertoire.

To top it all off, artists can gauge their success relative to their peers, pinpoint popular playlists featuring their tracks, and strategize their next moves in the industry.

For those eyeing the complete experience, the Premium for Artists package, encompassing music distribution, promotional instruments, and advanced analytics, is priced at an unbeatable $39 per year, truly revolutionizing the way artists engage with platforms like Spotify.

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