Sonic boom: Indiana residents hear meteor, officials say

(CNN) It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … Meteor lights up the Indiana night sky.

Residents of Hamilton County, Indiana, had an out-of-this-world opportunity to witness a meteor Friday night.

Residents said the explosion may have been caused by loud noise and flashing lights. According to a tweet From Hamilton County Emergency Management.

The agency’s “current theory” is that it was caused by a blast of sound and light from a meteorite.

Pilots in Kentucky spotted a meteor to the north and a lightning detection center picked up signals in Carroll County, Hamilton County Emergency Management said.

Videos taken by residents and Published by CNN affiliate WTHR Show a bright light in the sky. Several videos also captured the rumbling sound caused by the meteorite.

Hamilton County Emergency Management Thanks to the National Weather Service and the FAA To help them “quickly figure out what happened.”

A meteorite is a space rock that enters Earth’s atmosphere. According to NASA. A bright streak with a “shooting star” appearance is actually very hot air produced by the meteor. Rocks usually burn up in Earth’s atmosphere before reaching the ground.

Indiana’s flashing lights fell During the Lyrits, one of the oldest recorded meteor showers. Meteor showers are expected to be more frequent Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

Hamilton County is located in central Indiana.

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