The Hollywood Actors Guild has agreed to a tentative deal to end a four-month strike

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Cast and writer strikes halted production on major television shows and movies

Actors’ union Sack-Oftra has agreed to a tentative deal with Hollywood studios to end a month-long strike.

Sack-After reached an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers (AMPTP) in a unanimous vote, ending the 118-day strike.

The impasse – coupled with the solo writers’ strike – crippled the entertainment industry and delayed the releases of many big films.

Actors have called for better pay and protections for using AI.

They said the strike would officially end on Thursday, with more details released following Friday’s meeting.

AMPTP said it was pleased to reach a tentative agreement and “look forward to getting back to work telling the industry great stories.”

The deal gave Sag-Aftra “the largest collective-bargaining gains in the union’s history.”

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Union members celebrated after the deal was reached

Sag-Aftra represents about 160,000 members of the industry and has been on strike since July 14, causing major disruption.

Disney/Marvel’s Blade, Dune: Part Two and Fantastic F have all been delayed by several months, while Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars have also been pushed back a year.

Live-action remakes of Disney animations such as James Cameron’s Avatar series and Paddington in Peru, such as Moana and Lilo & Stitch, have also been affected.

Film delays and Hollywood stars are not attending events like movie theaters during the strike because union rules prohibit them from taking any work, including promotion or advertising, for projects.

In addition to increased wages and AI guarantees, Sag-Aftra has called for higher royalties and higher contributions to actors’ pension and health plans.

The stars welcome the deal

Zac Efron described it as “unbelievable” at the premiere for the wrestling movie The Iron Claw, and the actors seem to have responded positively to the deal.

“Persistence pays off,” Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis posted on Instagram.

Academy Award winner Alec Baldwin said in a post on Instagram, “Congratulations to everyone who did this great job on behalf of the cast.”

A combination of actors’ and writers’ strikes is estimated to have cost the California economy more than $6.5bn (£5.3bn) so far.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass welcomed the “fair deal” and said the strikes had affected “millions” in Los Angeles and across the country.

While Hollywood’s star actors earn millions, lesser-known actors often struggle, especially amid rising inflation and industry changes.

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